A brief introduction to the popular DPS generals of “the World of Chaos”

Countless heroes emerged during two hundred years of Warring States, in “the World of Chaos”, these heroes also have their own positions, among which stand out the DPS type. Who exactly is the king of DPS in your mind? Let's take a brief look.
Classic Archer - Chun Shenjun, a representative of the outbreak

As a four-star general, Chun Shenjun is a little difficult to get, but his strength is worthy of his rarity. Skills that seem to be mundane are incredibly useful, the exclusive passive skill, “Song of the Wind” provides double BUFF including attack speed and critical strike, which makes Chun Shenjun stand out even without any fancy output skill. Although the usage rate has dropped due to version updates, player development, etc, many players still see him as an integral part of their team, after all, it is rare to provide a high-explosive remote by just standing there.

Military forces can use insidious tactics - Su Qin, a special DPS

Unlike other DPS generals, Su Qin is actually a “Weirdo” who deals damage by controlling. He can absorb enemy’s morale as well as deal immense damage to them by combining “Dampen Curse” and “Soul burial”. The weakness is that when Su Qin facing the same type of generals who rely on absorbing morale, both sides all have Su Qin, for example, it’s likely that the damage would be discounted. However, a PVP player once said that better to play well than to have a good formation. For a general like Su Qin who has requirements on the DPS conditions, a precise release of his skill is enough to control the situation.

A sharp knife - Zhong Wuyan, the backline killer

In history, she is a good wife willing to stay behind the scenes, while in “the World of Chaos”, she is a brave heroine battling in the front line. Although she is just an ordinary three-star card, according to my observation, her appearance rate on the leaderboard is about as high as that of Sun Wu. That’s the backline killer! Her ability to flank the backline characters can totally compete to those four-star generals. No wonder people are relying more and more on her.

Pacify the world with strategy and write the epic with blood. The brand new version of “the World of Chaos” is online now. Join us to cheer for your generals with your strength!

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