Gathering Geniuses to build your Kingdom

In the epic fantasy 3DMMO mobile game Ancient Godly Monarch: Astral Soul Awakening, players can not only take Servants and Mounts to enjoy the pleasure when cultivating in the Immortal Realm, but also can create Alliances and participate in various wonderful Alliance activities with your trusted friends. 

Collect wage and learn battle formation, joining the Alliance to obtain various benefits

The Alliance system in the Ancient Godly Monarch: Astral Soul Awakening is similar to Guild, which is created and managed by players themselves. Joining or building an Alliance not only allows you to make more friends, but also has a lot of Alliance exclusive activities and benefits, such as collecting daily wage and upgrading formation BUFF.
Players can receive a wage by logging into the game every day after joining the Alliance. You can get Alliance Credits when making a contribution to the Alliance, the Credits can be used to learn battle formation, which can bring various additional attribute bonuses to the character and always keep you one step ahead of those none - Alliance players during cultivation. At the same time, there are Alliance Red Envelopes, Alliance Warehouse, and other welfare gameplay!

Complete missions to collect Mana Charms and challenge in the Wailing Tower to get top equipment
Players can receive exclusive Alliance Circle missions from the Alliance Butler, complete the missions not only can gain Coins and Contribution Credits, but also the “Mana Charms”. Alliance members working together to collect certain Mana Charms to activate special event “the Wailing Tower”, challenge the Evil BOSS in the Wailing Tower to get top equipment!

Participate in the Alliance Activities with your partners

perhaps these rewards are nothing in the rich Immortal Realm, but the most important thing to join an Alliance is to feel the warmth of friendship from the companions. Therefore, it is better to go back to the Alliance and have dinner with members after a day of cultivating and fighting outside! The “Alliance Banquet” event opens at every Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday and Sunday, gathering together with the Alliance members to collect Alliance contribution and rich experience. The “Alliance Hide&Seek” event opens at every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, you can get numerous rewards by helping alliance NPC to look for the naughty child!

For those who are eager to participate in fierce battles, the Alliance Defensive war and PVP battlefield of the Alliance Tournament are both good choices. Besides, the Alliance Tournament also a battleground for the glory of every server, The winner will be awarded not only the exclusive title but also the right to rule the temple of the king!

Strongly recommended by the original author, Jing Wuhen, and 4 million loyal readers are waiting for the call, the epic fantasy 3DMMO mobile game Ancient Godly Monarch: Astral Soul Awakening is finally here! Carrying the Bloodline of the Godly Monarch, awaken with one button to feel the dazzling transformation; a giant fantasy world is waiting for your exploration; 4 career systems and 5 career transfer breakthroughs; design your own fashion clothes and enjoy the pleasure of cultivation!

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