Generals training strategy

“The World of Chaos” is favored by players for its unique cards and SLG gameplay. Like those SSRs of other card games, “the World of Chaos” also has powerful generals of initial four-star. However, the gap between "rare" and "common" cards is well balanced in the game. As the game TIPS said, in a specific situation, each general will shine. Are you still confused about your way to grow up? Here’s a training strategy for you.

Various battle formations are important 

Many players are obsessed with a fixed formation. For example, if they saw a formation on the top of the ranking board, they would rush to copy as well, but the results are barely satisfying. In fact, if you want to be the top ones in “the World of Chaos”, various battle formation is essential. For example, Sun Wu is invincible in PVP, while Bian Xue is quite important in dungeon gameplay. But when it comes to team-up, you should take out generals like Bai Qi and Tian Ji, in this way, the idea of fighting with just one formation doesn’t work. In addition, it is particularly important that the restraint between the armed forces should not be neglected. If you don’t know it very well, then the daily event [Sending General] is a great opportunity to practice your leadership skills.

“Civilian” generals also play the leading role

In addition to the battle formation, the strength of the general itself is also important. The sage Confucius, Bai Qi, four childes of the Warring States... These initial four-star generals are truly fascinating to you. But in “the World of Chaos”, those so-called “Civilian” cards of two-star and three-star are very strong, and compared to the four-star generals, they rise faster and take shape earlier, and have many irreplaceable effects, such as Zhong Wuyan, who is very strong in PVP; and Su Qin, who is invincible in PK gameplay. Initial four-star is great, but those regularly-trained civilian cards are also powerful.

Resource sharing and centralized cultivation - anything unnecessary can be “thrown away” 

Levels, equipment, skills, runes, artifacts... These systems are the core of cultivation in the “the World of Chaos”. New players may be confused: Who should wear the equipment? What’s the best way to synthesize the wargrooves? Whose skills should be developed first? In fact, you do not have to be afraid of wasting resources, the simplest way is to concentrate resources to cultivate one or two commonly used cards, even though a stronger general is drawn as a substitute later, you can still spend few crystals to “transfer power” when casting. All the resources spent during cultivation will be transferred in one click, which is very convenient.

Pacify the world with strategy and write the epic with blood. The brand new version of “the World of Chaos” is online now. Come to develop your own team! 

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